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Rush Rally Origins - FAQ

Why is 60fps a struggle on some devices?

All devices vary, and with Android this is no exception. In fact Android has > 20000 devices, and some are super fast, other not. You can tweak your graphical settings in the options to suit you. It is worth noting that for most android devices you should be playing 720p and 16 bit colour. I'd only recommend increasing these if your device is running at 60fps with Ultra settings enabled. IF you wish to increase these, I'd suggest an increase from 720p to 1080p first, before changing the colour values. 

Even the latest consoles struggle to run games at 4k @ 60fps, mobile phones are really no where near their performance yet, so don't expect 60fps @ 4k unless you have some form of quantum computer based device. My iPad Pro is set to 120fps @ 1080p with Ultra graphics and it is super smooth.

Why is the camera from above?

The whole idea behind Rush Rally Origins is to bring back the classic retro top down racing experience that Rush Rally 1 offered, only on a bigger better scale. It was originally started as "Rush Rally Remastered", but we decided "Origins" was a much more fitting name. It is not, and never will be, intended as a replacement for Rush Rally 2/3. This is meant to be a game that sits on your device along side Rush Rally 3. If you fancy a bit of sim racing, you play RR3, if you fancy a pick up and play instant fun fix, then you launch Origins.

It was always a dream of mine to create a retro top down racer, and this is the end result :)

Why is there no handbrake or manual gears?

The physics is a modified version of Rush Rally 3, the sliding and drifting is meant to be much more accessible, you don't need complicated controls to play this game, in fact when you tap the brake and then get on the throttle again, whilst turning, the handbrake is automatically engaged to start a slide.

The whole premise of this game is "Pick up and Play", whilst retaining that excellent and fun Rush Rally franchise experience.

**Due to huge demand, we have put the handbrake and gears back in to increase fun for those who want an extra challenge! coming in v1.8 **

Why is this not RR4?

Rush Rally 3 is still being updated, I have an update planned after the launch of Origins. It was never my intention to throw out a reskinned version of Rush Rally 3. IT is still a good game and has a place. 

Origins is meant to be a different spin on Rush Rally 3, and has a place along side it, and is not a replacement!

Why do I have certain areas locked out?

Due to the huge piracy rate of the Rush Rally series (yes that's right, I'm struggling to make this game work as a business on my own), there are over 2 million android users using a pirate copy or RR3 who are playing a game that has taken me 10 years to make, mostly in my spare time. There are also a number of iOS pirate user too.


I guess all of these 2 million users work for free themselves every day, good on them. Imagine though going to work and then finding your pay packet empty each month because you have worked for free? How does that feed and home your family?

If you have a "legitimate" version and are seeing pirate flags and/or are locked out please contact me at

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