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A Neverending Week!

This week seems to have gone on forever, however I've got a few things fixed and completed that have been annoying me for a while, and I have submitted another build to Apple, Google and Nintendo. This will bring all 3 builds up to version 1.85, and hopefully I won't be doing any more small updates for another 3-4 weeks. This will keep a number of people happy who thought the app store was bugged due to constant updates it seemed! Head over to the Build Status to see what has changed in those builds!

I'm now working on a new system which allows players to create a Rush Rally 3 profile, rather than just obtaining a profile from Google, Game Center, Facebook or Nintendo Service Account. The idea with this will be that you create one single account for the game and then you can link the Social accounts to this. This then means that the database becomes less cluttered my end with different profile ids and also means we can do proper world rankings and placement for each track. This also means people without those social networks can play, and I can then also place the game on other app stores all over the world.

With this new profile, you will be able to set:

- Nationality and flag (A popular request)

- Nickname (Eventually shown on the number plate and windows)

- Avatar, which is likely to be based on the driver model, but with different head/eye/hair types and colours, and can then be shown in the leaderboards. Also different overalls and poses.

This will make the game much more fun for all, I can then save extra data with this profile which can be shared between platforms for those that own the game on more than one platform.

I'm also working on some new tracks to form part of another DLC update, this will likely include the ability to race current tracks in reverse too, as well as with any weather conditions.

To give you an idea for the avatar, I'm thinking of using the current driver model and then scaling the bottom more than the top to create a "tapered/character" effect, then it is more likely to fit in a square profile picture. I'll also exaggerate the head a bit more (here the head is not what I will be using, this was one i found on the internet somewhere purely as an example to see if it could work). Doing this means that the driver will look normal when in the car in the garage and the game, but then look stylised in the profile picture view. Just an idea anyway will see what happens with it!

Edit: I've just realised it's actually on Thursday and that I still have Friday tomorrow... It really is never ending!!!

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