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A Rallying Icon

So today I've started messing about with some new promotional media for the new game, I'm trying to keep it consistent with the other series icons, so they will all match as a set. So far I've come up with something along these lines.

The game basically has a promo mode built in, and with this we can simply record locations of the car, camera, and any lighting that you want, in order to get an in game screenshot ready for a bit of enhancing in photoshop. I can then easily take photos of any of the cars for making into promo material, ready to be rendered out at a high resolution!

I've stuck with the blurred backgrounds to keep it feeling like the other games in the Rush Rally series, and chosen one of the vehicles that you can use in the new game. I've also darkened down the background to make the rest stand out.

This is a very rough first pass, but knowing this game, and the other work involved, it will likely end up in the final game!!



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