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Back to Rush Rally 3

So the last 9 months has been a bit wild, bringing back the original Rush Rally was always something I've wanted to do, and with it came a lot of tweaks, optimisations and improvements to the engine.

So now we have drawn a line under the initial Rush Rally Origins launch and are starting to work to push it on more platforms. There will be a PC build and probably some more consoles included on that list!

I've finally started integrating these changes into Rush Rally 3, the main notable features that are coming over are:

- Addition of Tonal mapping, mainly improved brightness and contrast, which will bring the scene to life a bit more.

- Better lighting effects on the brakes/headlights etc

- Updated water shaders, removing any harsh edges from where it joins the terrain

- Better co driver, it now looks ahead more and should call the turns earlier than normal

- Frame rate improvements

I've just been blasting around the UK at night and the extra contrast and lighting effects really bring it to life a bit more.

More to follow once I start bringing over more features.

I'm hoping though that I can do a small interim build just to get it going again, but no time frame is known for this yet.


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