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Back to Rush Rally 3

So the last 9 months has been a bit wild, bringing back the original Rush Rally was always something I've wanted to do, and with it came a lot of tweaks, optimisations and improvements to the engine.

So now we have drawn a line under the initial Rush Rally Origins launch and are starting to work to push it on more platforms. There will be a PC build and probably some more consoles included on that list!

I've finally started integrating these changes into Rush Rally 3, the main notable features that are coming over are:

- Addition of Tonal mapping, mainly improved brightness and contrast, which will bring the scene to life a bit more.

- Better lighting effects on the brakes/headlights etc

- Updated water shaders, removing any harsh edges from where it joins the terrain

- Better co driver, it now looks ahead more and should call the turns earlier than normal

- Frame rate improvements

I've just been blasting around the UK at night and the extra contrast and lighting effects really bring it to life a bit more.

More to follow once I start bringing over more features.

I'm hoping though that I can do a small interim build just to get it going again, but no time frame is known for this yet.


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Mar 19, 2022

Stephen,keep up the good work.Rush 3 and Origins are the best rally games on any system


Mar 01, 2022

I bought rush rally 3 on Amazon AppStore,but I can't play online without Google,that means that what I bought on Amazon is a restricted game,I hope you guys can fix this little problem

Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown
Mar 01, 2022
Replying to

Hi, sorry about this, unfortunately if you buy the game on Amazon, it becomes licensed with them, and if you buy on Google, the license is with them. In reality, It is no different from buying a game on xbox and expecting it to work on playstation (in one respect). I can only advise that you refund on amazon and then buy on google. If you have trouble, please email and I'll sort you out.


Elżbieta Turkiewicz
Elżbieta Turkiewicz
Nov 10, 2021

Wieczorem to ciężko się pokonuje trasę a to dlatego że w ostaniej chwili widzisz zakręt czy ogólnie trasę .

Ale graaa Kozaka. Przydalo by się chodz 3 samochody Z WRC i Już bym więcej nic do szczęścia nie potrzevowal


Oct 16, 2021

I also bought this for Nintendo Switch and have really been enjoying it! It shows you have put a lot of time into making sure it feels like real rally, something a more rally-interested friend of mine also commented on. :) These updates sound great and I'm looking forward to seeing them in action! Thanks for all the hard work and for releasing this on Switch.


Felipe Spencer
Felipe Spencer
Sep 29, 2021
I also bought it on the switch and I'm really impressed with the game in general. Surely this game is much more fun than the WRC or DiRT series! Now I'm really happy to hear that more cool stuff is coming for this game.😁
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