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Blackfoot RC Build - Part 4

Over the weekend I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to paint the bits that needed painting. I've not built any more of the chassis yet, but will get onto this sometime this week if I have any down time!

I've got a massive work load to get through with Rush Rally and other things this week so I'll see where I get to!

Given the kit is from the 1980s I decided to give "Rambling Ron" the moustache treatment so he now looks the part, the toughest part was painting the black around the grill, but leaving the middle bits shiny still. A bit of masking tape sorted this out for the most part, then anything that got left on scratched off "relatively" easily with my finger nail.

I also decided to match the box art with the colour of the overalls, by painting it blue underneath, then a layer of white on the top!

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