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Blackfoot RC Build - Part 6

After building the diff and gearbox, it was time to attach the rear axles and build the dampers/suspension for the entire chassis. This was a messy job, mainly because I put some of the rubber washers in the wrong place and the damper oil just leaked out! This was another pretty fun part of the build, except for the fact I needed to disassemble the chassis in order to program the ESC for the radio.

When installing the ESC, if you mount it next to the servo, be sure to program it to the radio then, this is because you cannot get to the "set" button on the ESC to setup the radio, and as a result you have to strip it back just to reprogram the ESC.

Also at this point, it is a good idea to set up the toe in/out at the front for a mean looking vehicle.

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1 Comment

Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong
Jun 05

Fantastic - I can't wait Scratch Geometry Dash

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