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Car Salesman

So a few people have asked me how to earn money fast in Rush Rally 3. I've always wanted the game to be fun, the in game money to used for fun and never associated with real money. Some people suggested an IAP to give you more money, but for me this goes against all my IAP morals right now. I want to create a game which is fair, and one which people will pay for knowing they are getting a quality product and a fun game.

Currently this games completion is based on owning all the cars and completing all the career, single rally, and other game modes. Doing this will generate lots of in game cash for cars! So simply allowing people to buy this completion makes the game less fun.

The problem I have is that at the moment new players want to buy the good cars, this is fair enough, but some find it a grind to get enough cash for this. Because the game completion is linked to owning all the cars, it actually makes sense that we could "sell cars" for in game cash in order to upgrade to a new one, when we are struggling for money. This means the game doesn't get any more complete, as you then need to aim to re-buy and own the car you sold as well as the car you just bought.

This also means that anyone who has bought any of the car IAPs can then use them right away by selling existing cars.

To make it a bit more fun, I've added the concept of depreciation too, so if you have driven a car lots, you'll get less money for selling a car!

This is a great idea suggested by a fair few people. I've spent a good month thinking about it and have just put it in the game. It will be in v.1.78 coming soon!

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Nicholas Shaffer
Nicholas Shaffer
5 days ago

Once you secure an entry-level job in car sales, study the different car models to strengthen your vehicle product knowledge and problem-solving skills dinosaur game.


Security 101
Security 101
Apr 11, 2020

That's awesome an all but Is the Datsun 240z gonna be added in the game? The game teases it before playing a championship.

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