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The update has been pushed a little early, as is the norm in gaming. Thank you all for your kind words and enthusiasm behind this project. There has been an overwhelming response in people saying how good it now looks, and how it makes other AAA based races on the mobile market look sub par. This makes me want to continue down the path of making the best rally game possible for mobile platforms.

... And then there is this idiot who I am going to name and shame based on the fact he has really hit a nerve. Enjoy the read, if you know him, please be sure to salute him and congratulate him on being a fine human being.

This really illustrates how broken the mobile market is, perhaps it is not his fault, and actually the fault of the other AAA developers pumping out free to play games which basically encourage one mentality and that is pay to win.

This is not the Rush Rally mentality. Rush Rally will always be a quality product.

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