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So a quick follow up on the last post.

Basically someone decided to rate the game down as 1 star, from 4, even though they said the game was one of the best they had played on mobile. The also had a rather big rant at me for what I had done to the game.

This rating down was purely because I added IAP to the game to try and make some money to feed and home my family, IAP for an update which I had spent 6 months working on. There is no difference between my business and big companies either (as they work to feed and home their families, and also they employ lots of people who also have the same goal in life!) so the same should apply to them.

A simple response from me was enough for them to change their tone, and they are not alone on this, I have sent responses like this to others and they too have instantly changed their opinion and apologised. Basically people need to be re-educated about the value of other peoples work.

This re education does not just apply to games either, people are growing up in the world expecting everything for free, it just doesn't work like that. Everyone who does another job OF ANY KIND, be it entertainment, services, healthcare etc etc should be valued for what they do!!!

Anyway here is a snippet of the adjusted review to show you can make a change about anything if you speak up about it.

(I hope the above makes sense, I don't have time to proof read, what with creating a game on 3 platforms at the same time!!)

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