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Gravel Tracks Expansion - 19 . 11 . 2020

It's been a long time coming but I've finally just submitted a release candidate to Apple and Android for the new track expansion pack in Rush Rally 3. The pack contains 3 new countries, each with 6 unique tracks. I have also added 4 new career championship modes to utilise these new tracks, and the new career modes also include past tracks but with different weather and lighting on them! Beta testers will also have early access to this expansion so I can iron out any issues if they crop up.

It is expected to be on the store by 19th November 2020 and as usual the Switch version will follow very close behind (it is likely the approval may take slightly longer, so it may be a week behind!)

As part of the update, the live events service will now also use these new tracks, so those with just the live events IAP can enjoy these tracks too when they come up as an event!


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