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Interior Customisation

So another popular request is for more varied interiors for all the cars. As it stands the interior is built of the same stock parts for all vehicles, but does look slightly different per vehicle. The great thing about this system is that I can easily swap in and out parts after some are modelled up, and also I can create much more varied interiors programmatically, rather than have artists spend time knocking up different interiors for me.

This week I've employed the help of a very talented friend (Jordan Butters @ Instagram) to start making some more assets for the interiors, starting with the dials. At the moment there is an oil, gear and RPM gauge, and they use the same textures and positions in all cars.

The first part of the plan is to create a few more gauges, so we have added a water temperature and boost gauge, which will add to the realism inside the cockpit. Then we have created a number of "base" textures, which form the underlying look of the dials, and then we have created a number of "overlay" textures, which form the numbers/notches and information on the dials. The idea is then that the player will be able to customise the interior a bit more and make each car that little more personal. I will also be adding the ability to place gauges on the roll cage bars, and move them around in the cockpit some more.

All this will basically make the cockpit mode a lot more realistic, I'll even be removing the on screen HUD elements for this mode to make it more immersive (perhaps on an option though)

Watch this space!

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