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Missing options

A few people have emailed me saying they could not turn off "brake assist" on the switch, it turns out that it was actually being rendered off the screen because the switch adds a vibration option to the game options menu (this used to be a single menu which would have rendered off the bottom of the screen)

I found this whilst adding a "steer assist" option, which people have hugely requested. Basically when the car starts to slide, the game will automatically apply a bit of counter-steer to aid the slide, which is fine for most players using button control, but "sim gamers" still want the real rallying experience so I have added this option to allow them to turn it off if they want. There is still a little bit of help going on behind the scenes because I cannot catch 99% of slides without the help, so you need some assistance to at least keep the game fun, but at least this gives the players a bit more control for those who want to be able to slide it more.

Be sure to check this new options page out when the update hits (post v1.67).

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