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Money Money Money

The new expansion pack seems to be going down a treat, I have received lots of positivity about it, so thank you for all those who have contacted me to let me know!

Unfortunately I've also had a bit of a backlash from some people that have paid for the Expansion and they are disappointed that they now have to "play the game" to earn "in game reward" to then "buy the car" in game.

I've always meant this to be a fun game that doesn't feel grindy, and that you are rewarded fairly for playing something you enjoy. I've always wanted to remove real money form the in game money, and keep in game money as fun and separate. If I link the two together I end up going down the route of pay to win and monetization then ruins the fun factor of the game.

To be honest, the implementation of the in game money means nothing to me, I actually don't mind giving people more of it if they want it, but then if that is the case I may as well remove it from the game all together. Of course then you could argue, what is then the point of the game if you have everything the moment you install it? So where then, does the fun come from?

I've had a lot of suggestions and one that sticks out is that the player could "sell" cars in game for a cut price, say 50% of the price that was paid for them. This then means if you want to try a new car, you could sell it and buy another, without the feel of a grindy game, it does become quite fun.

The game won't degrade if I add this option and the challenge then becomes that you want to physically own all the cars in your garage, so this option really could work. I could also scale the sale price based on miles driven in the car!


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