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New Interiors

The interior system has been reworked again somewhat. Originally there was one interior model which was the same for all cars and when you went to the interior camera it simply placed the bonnet of your current car (and the wing mirrors) in that view to give it a bit of variance.

Of course, with transparent glass, came the whole need to actually have the interior modelled for each vehicle, which I was never going to enjoy modelling. This is when I decided to break the current interior down into sub pieces, namely a dash board, steering wheel, seats, rear mirror etc etc. Now each vehicle simply has a few "anchor" points and the interior is modified to fit inside that vehicle, which means I don't need to go in and model every interior and will still get the impression that each car has its own interior, this can then also be used for the in car view!

With this building from parts means I can easily swap in different steering wheels, dashboards, mirrors etc with time. Now it feels like you are in that vehicle rather than the same cockpit each time, and you can also see this cockpit from the outside!

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