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Photo mode anyone?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Since the release of Rush Rally 3, I'm now finding that there is a lot of media out there where people have recorded screenshots in the game of their creations and driving. There is also a lot of hit an miss content, so in order to make more content that is good, people have kept requesting a photo mode for the game.

This week, during some spare time I had whilst working on other things, I decided to throw in a new camera in the replay mode, which allows you to place the camera relative the car at different angles and positions. This now allows you to create reliable screen shots with great camera angles, and to even observe those subtle things that you may have never noticed before (For example did you know that the whole interior animates even when playing in external camera view?!)

Next I'll add support for changing the background blur and logo location, so that people can throw out some neat screenshots that look a bit more professional and show of the game some more!

Here are a few examples of some UGC from other players that has been created using this mode!

There will be an official update shortly (not just Beta) as I have some fixes for trees that people have reported, as well as few model fixes (missing mud flaps on some cars), and also a toned down mud flap shader (as the brightness was really bothering me, you can probably see in the screens below what the new ones look like!)

Happy rallying :)


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