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Rush Rally 3 - Livery Sharing

Hi again!

Well, that's three posts in a week, what is going on!

Anyway on with the details! With v1.130 comes the ability to save out liveries and share them with other users. Every time you save a decal, it will also save a decal to disk of that name. See below for per platform details on this. At the moment I am not able to host these myself, and I'm still trying to work out the most efficient way of doing this, so for now you'll have to just throw them around on the Discord server and other social channels! That said, for the PC version, I have implemented the Steam workshop for this, so you will be able to view, upload and download them on that with ease!

Android users, the files will be saved in the external storage location for the app. This is most likely something like "/sdcard/android/data/", this will be visible on a PC when plugging in via a USB, some file managers will also allow you to see this location on the device itself.

iOS users, for once it is actually a bit easier! The files will be saved in the usual documents location for the device. You can simply open the files app, goto "On My iPad/iPhone/Rush Rally 3/Decals", you will also see backups of your save data in there as well should you want to back it up. You can also view these on a Mac when connecting the device to the Mac as well

Steam users, you will be able to use the workshop (when I finish it in the next week), or look in the game location under "decals" for the files.

Nintendo users, there is no way to currently load and save decals on disk, I'm looking into perhaps sharing them "via" multiplayer.

I'm still going to work on this system a little more, but for now this has opened up the ability for people to have a much more fun and realistic version of Rush Rally 3.

And as usual here is a livery made by one of our players (Sir Troll E. Horvath on Discord!). This is just awesome!



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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
3 days ago

Dude, this game is the most exceptional racing simulator available on Google Play. I am grateful. A genuine superstar, you are.

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