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Rush Rally 3 - Major Update!

Firstly, the PC Steam version is scheduled for release on 24th November. Get it on your wish list now:

Secondly, to join this launch, we have planned a major update on all other platforms, and this is also scheduled to go live 24th November (That's Thursday next week at the time of writing this post!) We've basically been spending the time since the demo was launched on PC until now, to improve everything that was fed back to us from the demo players (and the beta players of the handheld version)! As mentioned in the last post, we've been focussing on making it look better and generally bringing the game up to modern day standards!

Thirdly, The Japanese / Hong Kong version of Rush Rally 3 will be going live on the Nintendo stores 8th December, you can find out more about that here .

The physical edition is being printed and should start shipping end of December, I can't wait to get my hands on this! Order yours now

One thing that we can also confirm is that full wheel support has now been integrated into the game, and I've been having a blast playing it on my Logitech G923 steering wheel (N.B. This is not a sponsored post, I just decided that I'd get this one as it seemed to tick all the boxes at a reasonable cost!). I've also hooked up the RPM lights for wheels that work with them as well!!

Cross platform multiplayer is also up and running, this has been a highly requested feature, it has gone through a lot of beta testing (even on 3G/4G networks, and VPN's) and so far seems pretty stable. I'm planning on submitting the Nintendo builds this week, so all the updates should fall into place for next week if all goes smoothly! I'm looking forward to seeing you all blasting around the tracks.

There is an active community on discord so if you haven't joined up yet, the link is here

Happy racing!


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Brendon Baddiley
Brendon Baddiley
Nov 15, 2022

That’s awesome. The PC version on Steam has been on the wish list since it was announced. Can’t wait to try it.


Nov 15, 2022

Por favor actualizen rush rally 2 con esos gráficos!!!

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