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Rush Rally 3 - Multiplayer Update

The multiplayer update seems to have gone down well and there always seems to be people playing the game which is great news. We've had a lot of feedback, mainly from players on the discord server, and have addressed the feedback that we thought will make the game much better.

We're just in the final testing phase again so we're hoping to get a build pushed end of this week, which should be live beginning of next week (if all goes to plan!)

Off the top of my head, this is what has been added/tweaked so far:

  • Password protected rooms - Class/Car restriction

  • Toggle to force default setup (so everyone uses the same default tuning for the car)

  • Vehicle collision toggle

  • Rallycross lap count

  • Force start race (all players will start after a set amount of time once a few people ready)

  • Ability to set max players

  • Damage toggle

  • Ping so you can see who has good connections

  • Respot disables collision for a small amount of time to avoid people spawning in front of you and then you crashing into them

  • Fix for start of MP falling through world (only MP not single rally modes as it is 2 diff bugs!!)

  • Updated UI for lobby to be clearer, shows how far through a current race players are (if joining late) - Co driver added to the rally stage races

  • On screen messages not shown in game when players join or leave

  • Added a button to randomise the event / stage / weather

  • Added option to randomise the event each race automatically

Also on the list of other tweaks:

  • Anisotropic filtering on by default on pc

  • Ability to map multiple devices to the wheel control scheme (so people can now use their separate handbrake/pedals/wheels

And here is my favourite livery of the week so far! This one is made by zGrappler shared on Discord, I never thought I'd see Skeletor on one of the cars in game!



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