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Rush Rally 3 - Pending update!

I've had a lot of people ask me when the new update will be ready. I've been working on it over the last few months along side some Rush Rally Origins updates too (more of that in another thread to come).

The main question is "what is added" so without holding you all up any more it is looking like all this will be packed into the next update:

- The first major change is the online leaderboards system, this has been migrated to use the same system as Rush Rally Origins, which gives me much more flexibility in what features I can offer in the game. You will have to login using Rush Rally Online credentials, which are shared between games, so if you have an account already, you can use that. The main thing it brings us is the ability to see exactly where you are in a leaderboard, rather than just in the top 150, it also means that the leaderboards will work on any future device I choose to add without relying on Google/Nintendo/Gamecenter etc etc.

Once the update is out, the leaderboards will feel a bit empty, but the moment you login into the new system, your times will be reuploaded for all to see!

- The next change is the ability to change the conditions on all tracks. So you can play any track in the rain, at sunset, or whatever suits you best. The leaderboards are staying simple for Rush Rally 3, and will only show the best every time that you have set on the track, regardless of weather and class. The conditions can be changed for Time trials, Rally cross and hot laps.

- Another common request was to allow the co driver to speak earlier. I've added an option for this in the sound options, so you can make him speak earlier should you want it

- All players will also be able to race the legendary U.S.A. track, downhill. I've added it as an extra stage to the U.S.A. time trials.

Here is a shot of the UK rally in all those lovely weather conditions:

There is also another expansion pack due to be released at the same time. I'll update you on this in another post!


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