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Rush Rally 3 Steam Workshop - Now Live!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hello again Rush Rally Racers!

Last update we mentioned that we could now support livery sharing between platforms, it's a bit fiddly but you can currently send files to each other with liveries that you have made. We did also at this time mention that we would make it much easier for you to share the liveries soon!

So as a result, we have implemented the Steam workshop functionality, which allows you to upload and download other peoples liveries with the single click of a button!

To upload a livery you have made, save your livery in game, then click the steam icon in the in-game vinyl editor. This will allow you to upload the livery to the steam workshop automatically! If you decide to make a few tweaks to a livery, simply resave it as usual after making the tweaks, then reupload it using the same button. It will then simply update the existing livery steam side, rather than create a new one each time. Others that subscribe to it will then also get this updated version automatically.

To download another users livery, navigate to the workshop in the Steam client (or overlay), find a livery you like, then hit the subscribe button. you should then be able to simply go to that car in the game, go to the vinyl editor, hit the load livery button, and it should be there (If it is not, toggle the steam overlay on then off, and try hitting the load button again!)

Also make sure to rate those liveries and give the creators that credit they deserve!

(The liveries that I have uploaded to test this out have all been created by the discord community, they have been credited in the description of each item!)

Happy painting!


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