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Rush Rally 3 - v1.130 Multiplayer Update Pending!

Hi all racers,

This relates to the multiplayer changes for the next update coming soon!

As promised we are just about to push v1.130 which contains pretty much all the suggestions that were thrown at us based on the initial cross platform multiplayer update (as per the last post!). Here is a more concise list of what we have done with the multiplayer part:

Most of these options are pretty self explanatory, but only some can be changed mid game. The host can change the options on the left at any time, and the options on the right are only for when the match is initially created. Here's a list of things to expect anyway, a lot of it has been implemented to keep games flowing nice and fast, and to not disrupt people when they are playing.

  • Force Start - if enabled, once 2 or more people are ready, it will start a global countdown which will start the race with all players (even if they have not yet readied themselves. This helps to keep games running quickly rather than waiting about in the lobby

  • Force Finish - if enabled, once the first person crosses the line, all other players have 30s to finish, otherwise they will become DNF, this will also return players back to the lobby if they hang around in game too much.

  • In game notifications disabled for people joining and leaving the lobby

  • Password protection so you can create private games

  • Randomise Host - if off, the creator of the game gets the select the track always

  • Randomise Event - if on, will always randomise the track each game. This one is for you @Montana on Discord!

  • Default Tuning - if enabled, the car will always have the default tuning applied at the start of a race (This still allows you to upgrade at your leisure and chose drive ratio)

  • Whenever someone is re-spotted, there will be a grace time before you can collide with them always, so you don't hit them when they spawn in front of you

  • All tracks are now unlocked in multiplayer if you own them.

  • When joining a lobby, you will now see the ping of other players, their platform and if they are in game, it will show you how far through the race they are

  • The co driver is back in multiplayer on A-B stages (as he should be)

  • Cars should no longer fall through the world when someone joins mid load!

  • Timing issues are fixed on results screen

N.B. all the above only works when a game is created by someone with the new update, people with older versions will not be able to join newer games. However people with a newer version can still join in with an older game match.

I'm sure there is more but I can't remember it all!

Enjoy as per usual!


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