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Rush Rally 3 - v1.130 The Rest of the Changes!

Now for the other little changes!

Firstly thanks to MajorMaxim of Twitter for the screenshot below, he posted a few screenshots but I don't post many of the Rally X part so I chose this one!

Now for the best of the rest:

  • Anisotropic filtering enabled on PC, makes the track look loads better!

  • Multiple input devices are supported (so you can mix and match pedals/handbrakes/wheels)

  • Saving/Loading of vinyls now saved as separate files on the disk (currently supported on PC/android/iOS). This means you can send them to other people and they can just pop them in the folder and use them too! (I'm just adding steam workshop support for this aswell and will do a more detailed post shortly!)

  • I've also been informed that the physical copies are being shipped from PlayAsia now, so grab a copy now before they run out!


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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2022

Just keeps getting better 😀👍

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