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Rush Rally Origins

It's time to get back to basics.

Last month I left a teaser image of something that we have been working on here for the last year. It has created a bit of a buzz with lots of unanswered questions, some of which I'll glad answer here.

First there was a dream, I've always loved the top down arcade racers, 1000 Miles Rally and Over Top to name a few. Rush Rally was originally meant to be an attempt at bringing back some of that retro goodness to the mobile market. I worked on it in my spare time, whilst contracting for two other great game makers, in fact it was worked on in parallel with Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, which has to be one of the best games that I have had the pleasure of working on. A close friend of mine, George, also had a hand in the original Rush Rally and it was just a joy to work on this together.

Rush Rally received a lot of praise, however from a business point of view, it didn't really work. It was more of a hobby, and as such, it ended up having to be removed from the app stores as I had no time to maintain and keep it alive. I also made the choice to make Rush Rally 2, and move towards a more simulation style of gameplay, then of course, the number 1 mobile rally game, Rush Rally 3, was created!

I've always wanted to bring back the original Rush Rally, in fact loads of people have asked for me to bring it back. So from this "Rush Rally Origins" has been born.

Rush Rally Origins is not 'just a remake' of the original, we have taken all the elements from the original that made it fun, and then used those to make a much better new game, done in the top down style of those vintage arcade racers. We're using the engine that powers Rush Rally 3 to create one of the best looking fun top down racers you will play on mobile and Switch. We also have plans to expand this to other markets too, so PC and other consoles are not out of the question.

The game will be based around 6 countries, all of which have 6 tracks, which are completely new for this game, the track design of the original was not great, and so we decided to make a whole new set for this game. Not only that, you can change the conditions and time of day on every track you play.

The UI is also completely new, the whole design has been completely reworked, this time with ease of use in mind as well as making sure the end product looks like a piece of art.

The leaderboard system is also completely reworked from RR3, the game will support individual car class leaderboards as well as individual leaderboards split based on weather types. This will give the game a lot more playability for those who want to challenge the top times. This works hand in hand with the fact that a player can change the time of day and weather on any track. For those who are interested, this is also going to end up in RR3 at some point as well.

Not long now before we enter beta mode and start with the promo work, so expect to see some screenshots and more information soon :)

Until then, I'll see you tearing up the gravel in Rush Rally 3.

Thanks for your continued support!


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Chris Dawson
Chris Dawson
May 05, 2021

Good luck


Apr 30, 2021

I prefer the behind perspective of rr3 but I will definitely give this a try

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