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Rush Rally Origins - Pending update!

Updated: Apr 21

We've also been busy working on Rush Rally Origins to give it even more content than it had before. There will also be a new expansion pack for Origins that launch with the update, this will add 2 more countries and 5 cars.

The update will be tied in with the launch of Rush Rally Origins on steam, steam users will get all this content as part of the game, mobile users will have the option to buy it as an optional in app purchase to extend the game.

We have also committed to a deal which will see Origins form part of a "Rush Rally Collection", which will be a physical release on Nintendo Switch bundled with Rush Rally 3 as well. More to follow on this as and when we are allowed to share more details!

Origins is also fully up and running and Cert complete on the Xbox Series S|X and One S|X. We are still working on the best route to "serve" this to players, so we are unsure as to when we will be releasing on this platform just yet, it is however 100% ready to be released as with the steam version. Again more to follow when we know exact details.

As for when the update will be released, we're hoping for within the next month, but don't quote me on that just yet :)

Here is a quick sneak of some of the new things coming to Origins:

5 Cars:




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