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Rush Rally Origins Version 1.37 Out Now (mostly!)

Quick update, we've pushed the latest version to the live channels, you can expect:

- New and improved skidmarks system

- adds additional detail to tracks

- makes racing look alot better all round!

- AI drivers can now be renamed (from the championship rankings table)

- Toggle between stage results and overall championship rankings

- on in-game championship leaderboard

- Increased size of HUD Gear Indicator - requested by you guys

If you want to know more about the skid marks have a sneak here:

Currently live on all mobile platforms and Windows Steam. Xbox and Nintendo are in Certification/Lot Check so will be probably a week from now :)



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2 commentaires

Rory Cresswell
Rory Cresswell
11 oct. 2022

Hi Ste I thought you should know that the version I have on Switch is still only on version 1.3. I'm not seeing any skid marks or any of the other features you added in the last patch. I've tried deleting and reinstalling etc but it makes no difference. I have the EU switch version.

Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown
11 oct. 2022
En réponse à

Thanks, I've just realised that the Switch version was never released, I'll be doing another build in the coming weeks with lots of new features anyway!

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