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Stone walls!

I'm in the process of adding more assets to the game to make everything feel a bit less "same" and more interesting per country. As Rush Rally is built from procedural technology, creation of the assets has to be done in blocks, or small pieces. This is so we can re use a single small asset to make a much larger one.

For example I've just added some new armco crash barriers, the asset is simply a horizontal barrier, and upright (to support the barrier) and then a "start" and "end" piece. From these simple small asset sets, using the instanced based rendering techniques, I can then generate a much more complicated larger asset which looks different on different parts of the tracks.

Anyway, last week we had a week away in the peak district and we did lots of outdoor stuff! The one thing about the peaks in the UK is the abundance of stone walls, so i figured I'd get the camera out and take some photos and then use the same approach to generate stone walls in the game. The result is quite cool.

This is still a WIP, and I will be using this approach for quite a few more assets too (I even want to put some spectators behind the walls/barriers/haybales that I add!)

Below you can see a how multiple small assets come together to form a nice in game larger asset (see the wire frame selection top right which outlines where each asset is broken up).

And then this is the grey stone wall using the photos from the peaks last week:


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