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"The Studio"

So I've had a few messages and emails over the last few weeks from people applying for jobs that don't exist here and asking if there is room at Brownmonster Games for another employee!

I'm pretty quiet about the "studio" I have here, so I've decided to let you into the world of Brownmonster Games, a world that only few people have ever seen.

Welcome to Brownmonster games...

Benefits include:

- Flexible working hours

- Gym membership (use of the gym in the attic)

- Fully-equipped kitchens (barista style coffee machine, tea)

- Pub (beers usually in the fridge and are openly encouraged, wine also available)

- Arcade machine free to use

- Great working conditions, stand up sit down desk

- Use of spare beds, (with en suite), for when you need to work an all-nighter and would like a rest

- Standup/Sitdown desk to keep your posture in tip top form

- Noise of 2 children 24/7 to keep you feeling like you are always at home

- Lots of Lego (you will be asked to prove your Lego skills daily)


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