• Stephen Brown

Track Pack Teaser

After a month of fixing lots of bugs and issues that have been around for a while, I have finally started to round off the new track pack I started at the beginning of the year. I've finalised the details as 3 more countries (Australia, Argentina and Greece), and have just got to finish off some of the art work to go with them.

With this new track pack will be 18 tracks (6 per country) and also 4 more new career championships:

  • Night challenge (All tracks at night)

  • Weather challenge (all tracks have extreme weather)

  • Track pack cup (3 new countries)

  • Extended Pro (all 10 countries)

I'm also going to add support to allow the user to play any track with any weather and day/nigh conditions.

Hopefully it will only be 2 months away from release!

Here are a few quick shots I took whilst playing Greece yesterday.


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