• Stephen Brown

Update 1.88 Live!

The latest version is now 1.88 and was pushed to the store this morning (23rd June 2020.) This version updates the following:

- Interior customisation options, customise your dial layout and style

- Driver profile data (Number plate/Number/Country)

- Visual upgrades saved with decals (Wheels, Dials)

- Decals updated on all vehicles

- HUD options to hide Tachometer and other elements per camera mode

There have also been quite a number of changes ready for a new login system where you can now create a Rush Rally Online account and play with others without the need for any social media or platform (Google/GameCenter) accounts. This new account is still disabled until I am 100% happy with how it works. A few people are already testing it for me to give it a stress test!

Head over to your garage to customise the dashboard, go to the profile to change your driver details that appear on the car!



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