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Woah what a week!!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I just realised that I never actually did an official release blog post, so with that:

* Rush Rally Origins is now live on Nintendo eShop, Apple AppStore and Google Play *

This is all because time was taken up recording promotional material for some of our partners who will be showcasing the game off very soon, fixing small niggles and issues that cropped up during release, and getting new builds out to you all.

On the whole Rush Rally Origins has being going down an absolute storm. I cannot believe how many people have got on board and said how great the game is, this has come through emails, twitter, instagram, facebook and the website. So Thank you to any of those who got in touch to let me know how much you liked it, it means a lot and helps to grow the following.

Just a small update on a few things which did take people by surprise:

  • We've put the handbrake back in, I spent along time making the handbrake auto activate when you tapped the brake and then got back on the accelerator, in order to make the game more accessible. That said, there is no reason to also not include a handbrake, so that is back in!

  • We've put back the option to enable manual gears. I wasn't expecting people to want to play Origins with manual, but there was quite a few people asking for it form day 1. There is no reason to not have them if people want them, so that's also been added!

  • We've fixed a few issues across all platforms to increase stability too

  • Touch issues on super wide devices has been fixed

  • Android devices will now show the game under any notches!

  • Android devices will no longer crash when changing the graphics modes (Resolution and Colour bit)

Next up we are looking into possibly making the championship mode scale with difficulty, a bit like we did with RR3, again no reason not to do this so we will see what we can do next.

For those who have no idea what I'm banging on about, he is the release trailer.

Lastly, don't forget to rate and review the game, the more positivity that is spun in the stores and social media, the more people will find the game. This will mean we will end up with more resources to make it even better for you all!

Thanks again for all the great feedback!

Until next time!


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Steele Nickle
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