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The Rush Rally series has been written mainly by a single person and was started in January 2011! It does not use any 3rd party engine or tools (other than the industry standard modelling and texture tools). It was written more for "fun" than anything else at the start, to see what I could come up with! ​

The original focus behind the series was to see if an entire game can be driven programmatically, with an aim to reduce the dependency on asset creation. As a result, there are very few art/audio assets and all the tracks are 100% procedurally generated at runtime. This has meant that the install size is very small for a game with many different tracks and lots of content, which on a hand held device is key.


My aim was to cover every discipline of making a game, and to aim to make it as quickly and efficiently as possible. By every discipline I mean:

  • Every aspect of code (physics/animation/damage/audio/networking/rendering/etc etc),

  • Every aspect of art (I've modelled myself in the game as a spectator, all the models are simple and most are driven by simple textures and created procedurally, like the trees)

  • Every aspect of design (Rush Rally 3 has been much more of a challenge for this with a whole money and upgrade system!)

  • Every aspect of production (Bringing a game to market on my own)


I've been in the industry since the early 2000's, and written engines/animation systems/physics systems for big triple-A gaming companies. When making the move to create the Rush Rally series, I decided it was time to tackle every discipline of making a game for myself!

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