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  • Based in Rome, Italy

  • Specialist in the field of Vehicle dynamics applications of “intelligent” sensors (such as race cars, test benches, vehicle prototypes and simulators)

  • Direct Customers of a Leading Formula 1 Team

  • Currently working on new algorithms for real time Gaze Tracking on all platforms

  • Working with new machine learning methods in the frequency domain

  • Creator of video codec plugins to improved video compression using saliency methods


Sumo Digital

  • Independent game development studio based in Sheffield, UK

  • Employs over 120+ experienced development staff

  • Variety of published game genres including F1 and Outrun

  • I have worked on most games they have released!


Monumental Games

  • Indepentent game studio situated in Nottingham's historic Lace Market, UK

  • Developer of MotoGP racing series and worlds first commercially available browser-based 3D MMO engine


All In Sports

  • Based in the heart of supercar country, Modena, Italy

  • Specialists In Formula 1 Simulators

  • Another direct customers of a Leading Formula 1 Team


Climax Entertainment

  • British independent video game development company, based on the South Coast of England

  • Known for a variety of published game genres including the MotoGP franchise

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