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Rush Rally 3 - FAQ

How do I repair my car?

You simply move the sliders to the left using your fingers (on a touch device), or if using a game pad, simply select the slider with the pointer and move the slider to the left. This will reduce the "Theoretical Service" time so you can only repair a certain amount between stages. The idea being that in real rallying you cannot repair all the car between stages!

I've bought the Classic Pack IAP, where are my cars?

When you buy the game, you get a full game without needing to pay for any IAP. This is the game as it was released in March 2019. You start with 20000 in game credits and can buy 1 of 2 cars at that point (due to limited funds). As you play the game you earn in game credits and can upgrade cars or buy new ones. The base game comes with 15 cars that you can own.

The Classic Pack IAP "unlocks" the ability to buy a further 5 cars, as well as better graphics options and car renaming. This means when you buy the pack, you do not automatically own the cars, this has been done purely for fun reasons and nothing more! They will be in your garage and you can buy them when you have the available credits. These cars are locked out of the game and not purchasable unless you buy the IAP. There is a blog post that can help with understanding:

Why are there IAPs?

I'm a one man band trying to earn a living to feed my family and put a roof over our heads. I have been working on new content for the last year (2019-2020), along side other contract work that I have to do for income. As a result any new features cannot be free as it will not sustain my living costs!


Unfortunately the mobile market is quite broken thanks to these huge companies who have made free games with IAP that effectively encourage Paying to Win, This is not what I am doing. I am trying to make a fair game for people to enjoy. If this game had a company with employees to pay, then Rush Rally 3 would be dead as it does not earn enough money to sustain a company with multiple employees. Please consider this before judging the game and writing a negative review because you have to pay for something.

What has happened to multiplayer on GooglePlay?

Rush Rally games have been driven by the free Google Play games service since they began. Google used to offer this service but has now officially deprecated it so it will no longer work, please see Googles announcement here.

I am aiming to bring back multiplayer at some point, but it will not be in the near future as it requires a large scale back end server setup to work, and when I do make this work it will be fully cross platform. For now you can play LAN games, and I will probably allow people to play by connecting to an IP address as a short term fix at some point.

Why do I have pirate flags on my car?

Due to the huge piracy rate (yes that's right, I'm struggling to make this game work as a business on my own), there are over 2 million android users using a pirate copy who are playing a game that has taken me 10 years to make, mostly in my spare time. There are also a number of iOS pirate user too.


I guess all of these 2 million users work for free themselves every day, good on them. Imagine though going to work and then finding your pay packet empty each month because you have worked for free? How does that feed and home your family?

If you have a "legitimate" version and are seeing pirate flags please contact me at

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