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Rush Rally Origins PS4/PS5 - this Friday!

I'm not sure if this post really needs any more information but we're thrilled to announce that you will be able to play Rush Rally Origins on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PlayStation 5 platforms from this Friday onwards, that is Friday 1st December 2023.

We hope you all enjoy playing it just as much as we enjoyed making it, and that it takes you back to those good old days of isometric/top down racers such as Neo Drift Out and Overdrive!

It's a huge milestone for us as it basically means that we are now out on every major platform and device that you can get using our own in house tech, I can't take all the credit as a 1 man band any more as we are now working as a team of 2, but I think you'll all agree that we've achieved something special here!

In other news, we've been flat out on something special which we will bring you more news on in the new year, but we can't wait to share it all with you guys!

Happy racing


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jane Lily
jane Lily
7 days ago

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Goodwin Peter
Goodwin Peter
Apr 26

This is fantastic news! Congratulations on the upcoming release of Rush Rally Origins on the Sony PlayStation consoles. It's a testament to your dedication and talent as a team. I'm sure fans of racing games will be thrilled to experience the nostalgia of isometric racers on their PlayStation 4 and 5.

tunnel rush


Jan 28

Lovely. LOVELY, so proudd

EDIT: Origins and rr2 my favouritees <3


Dec 27, 2023

I've been playing since the first RUSH RALLY and at the moment have RR3 and ORIGINS on my phone. Pls continue making racing games as there isnt anybody but you making quality real world racing games. You guys are the future!!! no pressure!!! Your friend, John Andersen


Nov 29, 2023

Brilliant both 👍 well done and keep up the great work!

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