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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Once again it's been a while!

Firstly we've been super mega busy preparing Rush Rally Origins for other platforms, more to follow on this, but it has sucked a lot of our time up in the last few months!

Secondly, we've decided to increase the content on both Rush Rally Origins and Rush Rally 3, to coincide with these new platform launches. They will likely follow the same patterns as before where it will be a small in app purchase which will unlock the new content. Both DLC's will contain 2 more countries (different on each game) and at least 2 more new cars (I say "at least" mainly because I have had 3 more new cars done, but Origins will likely benefit from a few more cars that are going to be brought over from RR3!)

It has been great seeing all the screen shots that people have taken with the new photo mode, I still need to put in a few more tweaks to that, mainly to allow the graphics to look a bit better in that mode on lower platforms. I'll also gather a few of my favourites and post them in another post on here in the comings days!

Here is a sneak of one of the new vehicles making the cut, I present to you the Kobishi TM!

Thanks for all your support as usual!


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