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Rush Rally 3 - 4K demo update

A few weeks back we released the demo of Rush Rally 3 on steam and it seems to have gone down really well which is great news! As always, here at Brownmonster Games, we listen to feedback and respond very quickly!

So over the last week, the 2 of us (George is now working with me on the Rush Rally 3 steam version, just as he did for all the versions of Rush Rally Origins) have spent the week making everything much more high res, and added loads more detail! In short we'll be releasing the demo update again shortly but you can expect to find the following things addressed:

- Huge update to the particles (and you can see them in the mirrors too)

- high resolution HUD textures - Including reworked tachometer

- ability to move the HUD to the bottom of the screen

- less clutter on the HUD

- mini map as part of the cockpit (for better immersion)

- ability to turn off the entire HUD

- high resolution shadows and over double the draw distance

- more detail in the reflections and mirrors of the car

- steam cloud support (for the final game)

Not only that, these options will be available in the handheld versions of the game if your CPU and GPU can handle it :)

Oh and we have added full cross platform online multiplayer on every device, more of that to follow!

Next on the list is full wheel support, I've been getting the basics up and running on a Logitech G923 and it is going to be really fun to play with a wheel, more on that to follow too!


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1 Comment

Brendon Baddiley
Brendon Baddiley
Oct 14, 2022

That’s awesome. Can’t wait to try it myself.

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