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Rush Rally 3 Change Log

To cut to the chase:

- v1.80 is now live on Android and iOS, LotCheck at Nintendo.

- v1.70 is being officially released on Nintendo tonight (17th April 2020 00:00 CEST).

I've been quiet for a week or so, I had a lovely 4 day weekend with the family and have had the rest of the week fixing loads of pretty critical issues that have cropped up over time. Hopefully the build is now more stable and smooth than ever which will give you all the best Rush Rally experience ever!

I'm getting alot of emails asking when certain versions will go live, and also letting me know about bugs, of course, given the large audience of this game, I'm getting the same bugs being reported again and again from different people. So to help counter this I've created the "Build Status" page of this web site which will let you know where each platform is currently at with its released build, what is in each build and also what bugs are known but not yet fixed! Hopefully people can look at this before emailing with any problems to lower my workload, and let me concentrate on making RR3 even better.

The next update is going to be a set of new locations and tracks, I'm not sure how they will all fit in yet but it should be a great update when it comes, as usual I'll keep you all up to date on here!

Thanks to Apple for supporting me yet again on their games homepage! Without them I'd no where near have the audience I have now :)


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