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Where it all began...

I get a lot of people asking me "what happened to Rush Rally 1?", in fact some people seem to think it never happened and that I went straight to Rush Rally 2. The fact is though that I had to remove it from App Stores as once I started to work on Rush Rally 2, it proved hard to keep on top of it and thus hard to keep up to date.

This is now the same for RR2 to some extent, the code has been archived, however I will keep the build up to date as the app store requirements change.

Whilst gathering some of the old materials together as research for Rush Rally Origins, I stumbled across this gem of a video, this is from the Develop Conference 2014 held in Brighton, UK, which takes place every July. RR1 was actually nominated for the Indie Showcase for that year, to show off what indie developers have been working on. From the video you can see that the game was very primitive, but for a mobile game in 2014, it was actually pretty good.

Before unleashing any official Origins screenshots and gameplay, I thought it fitting to show where the idea camera from and how origins has ended up being what it is now. here is some other promo work from the original Rush Rally that was done way back when!

And the release trailer!



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Jun 16, 2023

It was a long way to reach a physical version of your creation, congratulations.


Jun 10, 2021


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